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Diverse Learning Environments



Infants are very unique in their way of life. Having many of them in one place is something that requires dedication and keen attention. At Rehoboth Daycare we create a dynamic environment for all the infants. We understand that infants thrive with others around them, however they each have their own individual needs. 



Children soak up everything at a very young age. At this stage, they develop a keen awareness of who and what is around them. The who, what, when, why and how of life becomes more prominent and evident to children. We at Rehoboth Daycare take this section of our daycare very seriously and we seek to create a warm, inviting and creative environment for our children.



After-school is a very important portion of every child's day. Being able to enter an environment to learn, grow, develop and share different experiences is very important. We are here to build children in the fear of the Lord and engage them in activities that teach them about love, care, community and giving.

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